Brook Jolley is a standup and other speaker (will talk for money) who originally grew up in Sparta, TN, in 1980 on a pig farm and sawmill, then attended the prestigious Middle Tennessee State University before dropping out in his 5th year to run a sawmill before breaking most of his body doing sawmill work.

During my time at college I spent a lot of time doing promotional work and writing reviews and blogging the Nashville music scene in particular with the now defunct blog called at the time, and following around the bands Point of You or Look what I did. This is so much easier I just wish I had been smart enough to do it before I did all the damage to myself I did doing much harder shit. I also worked in bars or drank a lot, and did charitable work or otherwise with the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Here’s a flyer from one of Mello Hellno’s actual shows. Yes, we handed these out:

In the midst of all this I was always the sort of nerd who wrote a lot and did my own websites and computers and other idiotic shit, so the transition wasn’t nearly as difficult as most people would imagine it would be to go from farming and blue collar work into writing down words.

I married while doing sawmill work, then got into insurance and websites again, then got divorced, spent a lot of time blowing steam by posting things that went viral somehow.

That’s one of my old jokes. I was the first person to use that photo for a meme as well that I know of I actually googled “old man talking to kids” and grabbed that photo off google images I didn’t know it was from a movie someone told me that later on reddit. I had no idea what it was from it was just funny in that context.

Sorry about the divorce cake original
That’s me on Huffington post getting a cake from my ex wife and our ex girlfriend, the ex girlfriend was taking the photo. I wish the fucking cake was my idea, I thought it was HILARIOUS is the reason the photo was taken and posted, the Ex wife actually didn’t want to take the photo but consented for my birthday. Ended up on TV, but at the time, none of my reddit content had my name on it.

I did get recognized in a bar a couple times, got a kick out of that. I have a few other random jokes on there that have 100s of millions of views too, mostly thru reddit or imgur, never had my name on them because at the time I made money selling health insurance and I almost was afraid to be associated with a lot of the topics I posted about.

Ex wife put my username in the divorce papers. No more point trying to be anonymous.

I do stand-up now, because I already had a lot of material, and my attorney even once stopped divorce court to tell me to “stop making fun of the other attorney you’re making the judge mad” because I already talk in a way that sounds sort of joke like without meaning to.