Bass cover SOAD spiders recorded with samsung 360 camera in 180 degree mode.

Bass cover recorded with samsung 360 camera in 180 degree mode. Cover is of an old soad song called spiders. I’m using rocksmith 2014 for the tabs and background, and playing thru it. got a 98.2 but didn’t think to show the score lol.

I did pretty well other than a handful of sour notes and something just slightly buggery on the first verse between the open d and notes on the g 9-12, my timing sounds slightly off. The C sounds slightly flat too now that I listen to it again, but I’m playing a C on a 105 cobalt steel string instead of a 125 so I don’t rip my hands up, and it’s touchy.

Mostly a test to see how big that file was. ended up being 625 megs in 180 degree mode for a 4.30 appro video, so double that for dual camera should run around 1.25gigs per 4.30 minutes by this very badly mathed very quick test. It also seems do to shit in low light, but this office is a severe test of that, low light half of room, bright single source right beside it.

Gonna test tonight at standup with a 360 degree one. We’ll see.