Dan Rader Attorney – Cookeville TN – Working for Putnam Co School Board Claims I committed a Felony

Video demonstrating that the file sent to Attorney Dan Rader in Cookeville TN working for the Board of Education contains no virus or malware, and is the same file that was sent to him a month prior at which time he made no such claim, but now claims he scanned it 3 times with a virus scanning software he refuses to identify and it came back 3 times as positive.

Screenshare shows compared sha256 signatures of both files showing they were identical and 56 antivirus programs showing no virus was contained.

Attorney Dan Rader refuses to provide the software he claims 3 times in a row said the file contained a virus, which he had to have installed on a pc between the dates of May 27 and June 23.

All email addresses are already public domain and could be found via search, and are not attempts to DDOS in any form.

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