WTF is this? Used to be other stuff here took it down to basically throw up information and links to things I’m doing. I’m still available for consulting or technology related things just focusing this site more on media creation and writing. Also doing standup comedy, because its fun, but I’m going to be posting videos and reviews of other things, doing a podcast, making shirts and other things I think are funny and putting that shit on here, along with reviews of things and how to do things.

Warning here, if you get offended you’re not going to like me too much, feel free to disagree but it’s opinions intended to be funny, not some sort of decree that I am arbiter of the way the entire world functions and have some magic influence over it. I just have ADHD and have too many words that I want to type down and too much shit I make fun of and I figure I can steer that onto some sort of platform and be people’s bedtime story or whatever shit they want. Topics may lack a strong central focus at times, but I’m a person who plays video games, bass and guitar, doesn’t watch tv, and has better reddit filters and more time to read than you because I don’t do other things on a lot of days. I figured out at the moment my attorney stopped my divorce hearing to tell me to stop telling jokes in court when I didn’t realize I was that I should probably go into standup. If I couldn’t stop sounding like I was telling a joke or something on accident I might as well get paid for it.

When I go to do things I’ll post them here too, I’ll record some shit soon for here other than my array of old shitty youtube videos plan is to do some game reviews, and some videos on how to make your own websites and use wordpress and other things, possibly trying to teach my kids to do some of these things I know how to do. Some of the things I have to say or jokes I make might be offensive but please remember it’s not about you if you get offended, it’s only about you if you throw a tantrum about it and get made fun of for it.