Fox17 Dennis Ferrier did a segment on my uncle Terry Sullivan’s unsolved murder, I’ve got a short interview during this video. We could have been given some closure about this over a decade ago if the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had done their job. They literally are refusing to charge a known murderer where they… Continue Reading

Back this friday with a great lineup including headliner Mike Drew. Come have some great wings and free comedy on the porch, but bring some money because paying for your food is the law and tipping makes you feel good. Continue Reading

Hookah Airs

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the Hookah Airs special recorded in the Hookah Connection in Sandusky Ohio here at It’s a 5 person showcase featuring myself, Michelle Muldoon, DJ Buckley, Jessica Carter, and Nick Woodruff, all Nashville TN based comedians. Continue Reading

Unsolved Mysteries Episode Up

I and my mother were recorded for an episode of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast about the circumstances of my Uncle Terry Sullivan’s unsolved murder. The episode title was Small Town Hit. Continue Reading

Just finished redesign and repair of site, check it out tell me what you think. The store works. The shirt was just an example I threw in there I do not really intend for anyone to buy. I’ll be making more merch soon, and updating with some new videos. Continue Reading