Fox17 Dennis Ferrier did a segment on my uncle Terry Sullivan’s unsolved murder, I’ve got a short interview during this video. We could have been given some closure about this over a decade ago if the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had done their job. They literally are refusing to charge a known murderer where they have the body, know the method, know the motive, and know who is involved because local police intentionally helped cover it up and the TBI does not want to draw attention to what the involved local police did. Only one of the co-conspirators was ever punished for this murder, and all that happened was he lost his job.

The lead investigtor Dan Friel has lied to us repeatedly about how he was going to proceed in this investigation, but the TBI refuses to assign someone else despite numerous requests, and will not share any of their documentation with anyone.

Murder of Terry Sullivan, questions left unanswered; Murder and a signature

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